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Uranium Leasing Program (ULP) Programmatic EIS
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About the PEIS
 Why the PEIS Is Needed
 What Is in the ULP PEIS
 How the PEIS Is Being Prepared
 Who Is Preparing the PEIS
 PEIS Schedule
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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Uranium Leasing PEIS

A guide to the Uranium Leasing PEIS document, including the PEIS process, scope, alternatives, and schedule.

The Uranium Leasing PEIS has been prepared by the DOE Office of Legacy Management in order to assess environmental impacts associated with DOE's Uranium Leasing Program (ULP). Under this program, the DOE administers tracts of land for the exploration, development, and extraction of uranium and vanadium ores. The DOE's ULP includes tracts of land located in Mesa, Montrose, and San Miguel counties in western Colorado that cover a cumulative area of approximately 10,000 hectares (25,000 acres).

Explore this section to learn more about the PEIS, including:

Why the PEIS Is Needed

See Why the Programmatic EIS Is Needed to learn more about why DOE prepared the PEIS.

Scope and Content of the PEIS

See What Is in the PEIS to learn more about the scope and content of the PEIS, including the impacts and issues addressed in the PEIS.

PEIS Process

Preparation of the Uranium Leasing PEIS is a multistep process that will include publication of the Draft PEIS, the Final PEIS, and a Record of Decision. These and other PEIS documents are/will be available for downloading and browsing on the Documents page of this Web site. The PEIS Schedule page includes a timeline and key steps in the PEIS process.

See How the PEIS Has Been Prepared to learn more about the preparation process including a timeline for the key steps in the process. Information is also available on the preparers, and schedule for the PEIS on this Web site.